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Customer reviews
Ginger Dried is such a magical taste. It warms me and it calms my stomach. It is so wonderful to have the pure flavor without added sugar!
— Maggie L
Locally grown Pineapples turn into such a delightful treat when Ya Ya dries the fruit. Yummy and good for you!
— Anna C.
Coconut Dried is such a tropical flavor. And it feels good to eat something that is also so good for the body!
— Jayde B.
What a healthy, tropical treat. Mangoes are delicious in so many ways — and especially so handy as a Ya Ya Dried Fruit snack.
— Carson K.
I didn’t know much about Jackfruit Dried. I admit I was skeptical. But one delicious bite and I am now a BIG fan!
— James O.
Ah, the scent of Guava takes me back to the islands. The dried fruit bursts in my mouth. Delight!
— Tharam S.
Lilikoi / Passion Dried Fruit is perfectly tart. It’s a refreshing bite that perks me up.
— Kara P.
I was skeptical, never having had Dragon Fruit before. But the first bite and each one after that was delicious! It has become my go-to afternoon pick-me-up!
— Pat M.
Wow Pineapple Mango Tea! What a great iced tea! I can feel the tropical breezes as I sip it — taking me back to Hawaii in the sunshine with steady trade winds.
— Cameron G.
Lava Papaya Tea is the perfect evening wind-down beverage. Hot or cold it helps the day drift away to ready my mind for restful sleep.
— Mercy B.
I love Hibiscus Orange Tea all the time, but especially if I feel a cold coming on. It just perks me up and helps me fight back.
— Carson J.